Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eric Rempe: Art Educators Spotlight

We are delighted to welcome the talented Eric Rempe for a special exhibition of his work this September.

Rempe grew up in Lancaster, PA where he developed a deep appreciation for the earth and the natural landscape surrounding him.  It was there, during his high school days, that he first touched clay.  25 years later he is an established ceramicist, showing both nationally and internationally, a full time high school ceramic teacher, and the first to receive the Bill Griffith Art Educators Fellowship from the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts.

Rempe states that he is "attracted to the connections that my finished work makes with other people.  Making strong functional pieces that become a part of someone's life is an underlying motivation in my work." Feeling that connection to someone else's life not only drives his ceramic work, but it is also what makes Rempe such a cherished teacher.  "My students often ask, 'What is the best piece that you have ever made?' I've never felt like I had a best piece.  The simple conclusion for me, and the reason I continue to teach, was that my best pot would never make a difference in the life of someone else the way that my teaching can on it's best day."

So, it's no wonder that Rempe was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Bill Griffith Art Educator's Fellowship.  The fellowship was created "to change lives in unexpected ways for the K-12 art teachers and indirectly for their students by providing them an opportunity for immersion in the creative and inspiring atmosphere that is Arrowmont." The fellowship is a four week residency in which Rempe received his own studio, housing and meals, a one-week workshop and the ability to visit any workshops that are in session. Often teachers are pulled away from their own studios by the demands of being a full time teacher.  "It's an interesting problem," states Rempe, "because one of the best ways to inspire ceramics students is to show them new techniques and possibilities with clay."

Having 4 weeks to concentrate on his work "allowed me to realize some of the ideas that have been bouncing around my head for months or, in some cases, years" says Rempe.

"Creative energy could be found in all corners of the campus at all times of the day...ideas came faster than I could make them.  Countless numbers of my students in the coming years will benefit from my time at Arrowmont.  I was immeasurably changed as an artist and as an educator," he states.

We certainly are thrilled for Eric Rempe for receiving this fellowship and are honored to be carrying his work.  Please come to enjoy his completed works in person at Crimson Laurel Gallery.
The pieces will be available for sale online at beginning September 16th.

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